Tauchcenter Infos

Location and equipment

The Dive Society Dive Center is located just behind Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort on Malapascua island, Cebu, Philippines.
About 30 meters from the beach and specially designed, like all Dive Society diving bases, to the requirements and needs of divers
In order to that, we have always enough new, modern rental equipment from well-known manufacturers.

26 weight integrated BCD’s
20 regulators with Octopus and pressure gauge
25 Set masks, Fins and Snorkels
30 wetsuits (3 mm, long)
15 dive computer
6 lamps
100 pieces 12 Liter & 15 Liter Aluminuim tanks (INT & DIN)

Boat trips

Our two dive boats go to different dive sites every day.
The departure times of the Bangka the Speed boat are usually around 05.30am for early morning dives. 08.30am or 09.00 am for day trips with 2-3 dives.

Every day we offer at least minimum 4 dives from the boat.

  • 04.45 bis 05.00 am – Monad Shoal the place to see the Thresher sharks (we are the only Dive Center who offers two tank dives there. Please ask for it)
  • 09.30 am – 2 dives at Chocolate-, Gato Island, Dona Marilyn or Kalanggaman Island or
    09.30 am and 14.00 pm – 1 Tdive around the Malapscua
  • 17.00 pm – Mandarin dive, daily possible, just ask
  • 17.30 pm – Night dive, daily possible, just ask

We plan the dives for the next day together with our guests.

We have about 40 dive sites. A boat ride to dive sites around the island takes between 5 and 20 minutes.
Day trips to Chocolate-, Gato-, Dona Marilyn Wreck or Calanggaman island take between 20 and 120 minutes, depending on wheather.

Compressor room / Membrane system

We refill the tanks with two L&W 450-liter compressors. EAN32 (Nitrox) is produced with a membrane system.
We are the only Dive Center on the island that has a membrane system and offers “Nitrox for FREE” (if you are Nitrox certified)