We are a SSI Diamond Dive Center under Swiss management. We greet our guests with a lot of charm and our warm, personal service.
As innovative as we are, we invest in the future of our reefs. We have been building Artificial Reefs since 2014. Our first project was and is the „Luca Sanctuary“ on the coast of Dauin. Right now we build up a „Star Village“ just in front of Malapscua Island.

We offer „Nitrox for FREE“, diving teams of a maximum of 4 divers and safety is very important – not just in words!
We do SSI diving courses from beginners to divemaster, have a very friendly team and super personal care.
The choice for perfect and relaxing diving holidays – a place where guests become friends!

Welcome to Malapascua

Malapascua is located approximately eight kilometers north-east of the island of Cebu and belongs administratively to the province of Cebu. The population on the island is baout 5’000 persons. The length, d. H. from north to south, is about two kilometers. At its widest point it is about 800 meters wide. Malapascua is a coral island with many white sandy beaches and on the west side there are mainly limestone rocks.

We are the „PhotoCollegeDauin“

It is specially designed to meet the needs of beginner and advanced UW-Photographers. They can extend and improve their experience, knowledge and skills. Inspiration, creativity, composition & technology is our motto. Well-known UW photographers will hold seminars, workshops, and underwater photography courses. Free Photo equipment for testing, private guides and exchange of experiences are also part of the PhotoCollegeDauin.

Do you want to learn to dive?

The SSI Try Scuba program is your introduction to the underwater world. This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world.
If you want to dive anywhere you want, with anyone you want, the Open Water Diver program is your international certification to be part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people only dream about joining.

Promo Video Angel of the Deep

Angel of the Deep

A mystical experience
with Thresher Sharks
on Malapascua

Nitrox for FREE with Dive Society Philippines

Nitrox for FREE

You don’t pay extra when you dive Nitrox with us.
All you need is a Nitrox Certificate

SSI Specialtiy Courses with Dive Society Philippines

Specialty of the Month

Our monthly Specialty Course
for a special price to improve
your experience.

SSI Scuba Schools International
Learn How To Dive

Becoming a scuba diver is the first step in a journey that will forever change the way you experience the world. You will explore the wonders of a weightless underwater world, interact with incredible marine life and discover ecosystems hidden beneath the surface. Learning to dive is much easier than you think. Experience this amazing new sport with the SSI Try Scuba program.

What Makes DiveAssure Your Best Choice?

  • Duke Dive Medicine physicians are available 24/7 for direct consultations to DiveAssure members and partners
  • We specialize exclusively in diving. Our expertise makes a difference
  • We pay directly to service providers. You don’t have to leave a deposit or other guarantees
  • Best liability coverage for diving service providers

Awesome diving with the best staff!

We were going to try a variety of dive shops on the island, but after our first dive we were so impressed that we ended up doing 6 dives with Dive Society. Very professional and good equipment. Large comfortable boat. All the staff was very nice, helpful and our guide was very relax and professional. From treasure shark to the pygmy sea horse, we saw everything.
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