We start a project to to build up corals on our house reef

We do something for the environment.

Always looking to improve something. This is what makes Dive Society special and successful.

We are rebuilding our house reef, started April 2014

Worldwide, large areas of coral reefs are affected and destroyed by natural disasters, illegal fishing, erosion, dynamite fishing and Plastik. Same here in the Philippines. Long time ago, we recognized that corals are dying and our reefs getting slowly destroyed. Same happened to our house reef. Affected reefs are no longer able to feed fish and other living creatures.

That was the reason we launched the “House Reef Project” in April 2014.
We were looking for the right solutioin to slow down or stop this negative development.
First we tried pyramids made of steel and then “wedding cakes” made of concrete. But found they don’t look so sexy we changed to other “reef structures” looking more likely as a part of the reef.
These structures are the best because they have a large surface which offers space for new life and several openings where animals can go in and out.
All in all we sunk and arranged 22 steel pyramids, 24 “wedding cakes”, two wrecks and almost 200 “reef structures”.

After taking care for the house reef we are observing that more and more new hard and soft corals growing and big schools of fish found their home here. Also many other animals coming back home to our house reef.
We also notice that the amount of divers from other resorts is increasing.
Anyway, the “El Dorado Beach Resort – Reef Village” house reef or also called “Luca Sanctuary”, is becoming the best, diversified dive site along the coast. So it is time to start another new, large “reef project.

27. March 2014, we iarrange the first "Birthday Cakes"

Today we started to arrange “BirtdayCakes” on the house reef. Let’s see what happens.

15. May 2014, we sink a Bangka

We sink a Bangka which was donated by the Amontillado Beach Resort. Thank you Silke and Peter.

24. August 2014, we sink the first Reef Struktures

Today we installed 20 Reef Struktures on the house reef.

17. July 2015, the Reef Struktures are changing

One year later, the Reef Structures begin to change. They are already full with different sponges and coral species.

16. June 2016, the reef gets better and better

our Reef Project works perfectly. Corals grow everywhere. And the Bangka looks very nice too.

26. July 2016, we bring more reef structures to the house reef

We add additional reef structures on the house reef. Moreover, we try to build it in a different way, more like a reef. To date, we have arranged more than 240 of the reef structures on the house reef.

17. February 2017, our Reef Project is very successful

It’s wonderful to see how everything thrives on the house reef. New corals grow wherever you look.

15. May 2017, more and more animals coming back to our reef

Our efforts are paying off. More and more animals are coming back to our house reef.
The disadvantage is that more and more divers are visiting us from other resorts, and many corals are being killed by carelessness or indifference. What we build up over years is destroyed in seconds. It’s a shame.

2014 - 2017, and now compare


Compare the two photos after over three years of reef construction. It is already impressive what nature can do, if only a little support is given.