El Dorado Reef Village (Haouse reef)

Our house reef “Reef Village” located just in front of El Dorado Beach Resort, Dive Society has one of the most beautiful dive sites along the Dauin coast.
After a gently sloping part down to 10 meter dept the reef then drops about 45° to 19 meter. That’s the area with many, beautiful corals and big schools of fish.
If you go further down the you will find mainly sand. (Muck-Diving).
Between 30 – 40 meter, there is another small coral reef. However, there may be very strong current (down current). We recommend to dive this reef only with one of our guides.

We maintain and build up our house reef very successfully. In 2014, we launched our own “Reef Project” and sunk more than 200 artificial reef constructs and two wrecks. The coral growth and fish stocks have been steadily increasing since then. And now it beocmes one of the best dive sites along the Dauin coast.

Our house reef is located in the tidal current. This provides plenty of food for many species and guaranties great coral growth.
Entry and exit are just in front of our Dive Center. Divers can dive here with or without a guide, if they like.

Night dives at the house reef are possible at any time. Other dive sites may also possible but this has to be arranged with the Dive Center management.