Feel the difference - we begin to rebuild our house reef

We move on

Our first project is very successful. Therefore, on the 6th of November 2017 we have started a new, second project on our house reef. It is called “Reef Village” and it is much bigger and more elaborate like those before.

Fact is, divers on our house reef cause a lot of damages to corals. Either it is  carelessness, bad buoyancy or what we often see misbehavior of UW photographers. Using vase sponges as stabilizer for taking photos. Well, what can we do?
Our idea is to create “Reef Villages” places that provide shelter and a “safe home” for animals.
The “Reef Vilages” are planned and executed in such a way that divers have a sight into the inside but cannot enter it.
A place where animals can retreat and feel safe.


November 06., 2017 we start the first Reef Village on the House reef

6. November 2017, Start ffor the "Reef Village" project

November 06. 2017. We start the “Reef Village” project

07. - 19. November 2017, 4 ujnits

from November 07. to 19. two more units have brought under water. Slowly slowly the “Reef Village” looks nice.

20. - 26. November 2017, 8 units

between November 20. and 26. we sunk and installed four more units.

27. November - 10. December 2017, 12 units

from 27. November to 10. December four more units have been installed. But after that we have to do a turn, there because of a coral block.

20. - 21. December 2017, we install the "turn"

on December 21. we have installed the “turn”. Now we have space for some more units.

22. - 24. December 2017, we install 3 more units

24. December we brought 3 more units under water and installed them. Two more units and the first Village will be finish.

January 04. 2018, the first "Reef Village" is done

on January 04. 2018 we have installed the last two units. The first “Reef Villlage” is finish.
All we have to do is waiting, mother nature is doing its part.


February 09., 2018 we start the second Reef Village

February 09. 2018, we start with the second "Reef Village"

February 09., 2018 we start with the second Reef Village. The first two units are under water and in the right position installed.

10. Februar 2018, we install two more units

on February 10. 2018, we sunk and istalled two more units for the second Reef Village.

February 18. 2018, we have installed the fifth unit

February 18. 2018. Together with our friend and professional UW-Photographer  (and his super friendly group) we have installed the fifth unit of the Reef Village.