Freediving Information

Adventure a new world

Have you ever dreamed of swimming like a dolphin? Or gliding with just a single breath through the endless blue of the ocean? Then the SSI Freediving Program is the right thing for you, because you will learn how freedive within your personal rhythm!

Freediving means to enjoy the beautiful underwater world in a relaxed atmosphere and it supports your health and fitness. Whether in 5 meters deep, 15 meters or even deeper, Freediving is a sport suitable for all ages. Experience the freedom to move like a fish. Experience pure nature and a completely new way of life, no breathing sounds or a lot of equipment.

Fresh water lakes to the warm crystal-blue sea, Freediving opens up endless possibilities: adrenaline-charged action, sporting challenge or rest and relaxation.

Von klaren Seen bis hin zum warmen kristallblauen Meer: Freitauchen öffnet Ihnen endlose Möglichkeiten: Adrenalin-geladene Aktion, sportliche Herausforderung oder Peace and relaxation.